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IMG_8369e1Director’s Notes

My name is Jenny. That’s me in the picture.

(If I stole a photo off the internet she’d have perfect wind-blown supermodel hair and a smaller nose. Or maybe she’d look like Wonder Woman. Or maybe she’d look like a 1950s housewife holding a glass of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other, wearing a fabulous dress and an all-knowing smirk. Honestly, it was just easier to not have to make these decisions and post a real pic…)

You’ll come to learn who I am through my blog. You may find I’m a sweet, sensitive Midwestern gal who expresses herself eloquently through well-thought-out, non-offensive prose. None of this is true. Well, except the Midwestern part. That’s true (assuming you’re in agreement with the state placement within the geographic regions around here).

So, let’s leave a little mystery to our relationship. I look forward to you reading my blog, finding brief moments of amusement, and hopefully not learning anything else about who I am. Because let’s be honest, if I can’t compare to Wonder Woman, then is there anything else really worth knowing?


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